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latest weight loss 12-3-2013 9-56-55 PMGreen Coffee Bean Max is the latest weight loss discovery to take television health programs and online health news sites by storm. Green Coffee Beans have been shown to inhibit fat absorption and also stimulate the activation of fat metabolism in the liver, both major supporters of weight reduction.

Here’s how it works….

Green coffee beans are coffee beans that have not yet been roasted. The roasting process of coffee beans reduces amounts of the chemical chlorogenic acid.

It is the Chlorogenic acid in green coffee that is is thought to have health benefits associated with heart disease, weight loss, diabetes and other.

In the area of high blood pressure, chlorogenic acid could possible reduce blood pressure activity.

In the area of weight loss, chlorogenic acid in green coffee, could alter how blood sugar and metabolism is handled in the human body.

Green Bean Coffee Max received its notoriety featured as a subject topic on the Dr. Oz TV Show in 2012.

“Chlorogenic acid”

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Chlorogenic acid (CGA) is a natural chemical compound which is the ester of caffeic acid and (-)-quinic acid. It is an important biosynthetic intermediate. Chlorogenic acid is an important intermediate in lignin biosynthesis. This compound, known as an antioxidant, may also slow the release of glucose into the bloodstream after a meal.

The term chlorogenic acids can also refer to a related family of esters of hydroxycinnamic acids (caffeic acid, ferulic acid and p-coumaric acid) with quinic acid.

Chlorogenic acids contain no chlorine. The name comes from the Greek χλωρός (light green) and -γένος (a suffix meaning “giving rise to”), because of the green color produced when chlorogenic acids are oxidized.

Green Coffee Bean Max is the latest weight loss

Latest Weight Loss