Fitness with Maggie Watson

The world of fitness can be very demanding. It begins with the desire “to become”, “to transform”, “to create”. Fitness professionals see the human body in all its splendor. They work diligently to optimise its virtue. They take their old bodies and place them on the canvas at the gyms and create the “picasso”. Their bodies become the purest representation of the word “fit”. Some fitness professionals celebrate their accomplishments in areas of strength, beauty, and power. They participate in worldwide events to showcase their success. Success does come with a price. It takes hard work, determination, and an incredible drive. Some fitness professionals are rewarded with recognition of mass notoriety. They become movie stars, actresses, actors, commentators, coaches, writers, and trainers. They are an awesome breed.

I have been introduce, through social media , to Maggie Watson.

Maggie Watson is a Pro Fitness Model, Model, Bootcamp strength and conditioning coach, Personal Trainer, sister, daughter, friend :). Maggie prides herself on her ability to motivate others to embrace healthy living and achieve their fitness goals. Maggie believes that with the right amount of drive and determination we can all achieve greatness. Maggie is the owner and founder at Fit Fetish Bootcamp a fitness bootcamp that incorporates military style training with a traditional training techniques.
Personal Interests Weight Training, Competing, Lifestyle coaching, Learning new things, Any activity that positively impact the lives of others

Maggie’s Workout

More of Maggie’s workouts are showcased on her Facebook Page~ Click Here

As you can see fitness takes work! The rewards and sense of personal gratification and accomplishment is GREAT.

Maggie Watson…..Great People, Doing Great Things 

Who is Maggie Watson

 Maggie Says…….

It is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and having a positive attitude and outlook with regards to physical fitness. Understanding that the fitness lifestyle requires much maintenance and patience, there is no quick fix. If one is to have long term gains they must be willing to put in the work and time required to make physical changes. Mediocre training will not garner the results necessary for long term success. Make health and wellness a family activity, make it fun, make it a necessary part of your regular daily routine.

As I continue in my workout goals I salute all of you out there who are accomplishing yours!

Much Success


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