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Winter Storm


Indiana is preparing for a Winter Storm expecting to present its residents with snow and ice conditions. This storm system comes to us as a result of the winter storm “Cleon”, which has already dumped snow accumulations over 2 feet in regions from the Rockies to the Midwest. The next anticipated impact will present itself in the Southern Plains and Ohio Valley.

Cleon’s next movement is targeted for Thursday as the precipitation it brings produces Artic air to the Southern Plains.

This precipitation will move from from West Texas to Oklahoma, the Ozarks, and the mid-Mississippi Valley.

Surface temperatures will drop below freezing with this winter storm with the presence of warm air. Thus, producing rain and sleet.

Indiana is one of the states expected to receive snow falls as a result of this activity by Thursday.

As the winter storm moves into Friday, the Southern Plains are expecting to see icy conditions.

So Indiana residents…..

Bundle up, Be Safe in your travels, and plan ahead accordingly. We are not talking extreme conditions, but none-the-less it is a winter storm.

Winters Storm always present us with conditions of challenge. Let’s be attentive as we drive. Give yourself plenty of travel time to reach your destinations. And be mindful that the next person may not be as attentive as you are.

It is that season for us with much more to come.

On a more positive note…

God Bless Much Success and Happy Holidays

Article Written by Darrell McCutchen

Photo Images Courtesy of Stuart Miles