Video Marketing and Marketing Services 

Video Marketing and Marketing Services


I have been in Video Marketing and Marketing Services since 2010. It has been a challenging process for me as I have engaged towards using the most effective means to communicate my promotions, branding, and advertising efforts.

I was involved in a company in 2010 whereby I attended one of their annual conference events. We traveled 9 deep in a 15-passenger van from Indiana to Long Beach, California.

We are talking 46 hours ONE WAY and BACK.

There were thousands of us in attendance. We were all excited to be there to meet other leaders and learn their success principles to help us take our business effort to the next level of success.

In the Saturday afte

rnoon session, we were blessed with the presence of the one and only Mr. Les Brown, motivational speaker, writer, coach, entrepreneur….Mr. Success. He also had in attendance his aspiring son to share the stage with him.

I locked in with pencil and paper in hand, writing furiously all the notes and tips my hands could write.

Come on…This was Les Brown. What’s else is there?…. Jim Rohn…Zig Ziglar and the likes of such.

Man this guy had me so fired up I was ready to set a blaze when I got home. I couldn’t wait to get home and flood my market with “stuff” that I had learned about the company and all its virtue.

But Mr. Brown put the breaks on me…..

He said…

” I know all of you here are ready to go home and set the world on fire, but I want to ask you one thing. What is the key factor that will prompt other people to do business with you versus all the other thousands of people marketing the same thing?

It’s YOU….People do business with people that they know like and trust. How will you accomplish that?

We must Lead with Ourselves and not with our Products.

Thus after a long collaboration with one of my colleagues on the return trip home “Attraction Marketing” i.e. “Video Marketing was birthed in my life.

I know had to seek a means of Video Marketing and Marketing Services…..The proven most effective way to introduce and be introduced….Sharing whatever it is you are passionate about to the masses.

Time has since past and I have become more proficient in my efforts using proven software.

Even though my skill set was improving there were still “How To’s” that I had not conquered to support my efforts.

The learning time for Video Marketing and Marketing Services is so much greater than I perceived but I was relentless as I saw the even more growing need for individuals, corporations, small businesses, and companies to share their offerings , reduce advertising cost, and increase profits and retention. And let’s not forget training.

So the challenge was finding a mentor and a mentoring system that would support my quest.

I am very thankful that I have met true caring individuals along the way that have invested in my future.

In addition to being connected with some great individuals, I now have a great training system with Marketing Video DIY.

A powerhouse system stocked with video tutorials and training that are simple enough that you can learn.

The challenge I have had with Video Marketing and Marketing Services has been met.

I highly recommend it for your success.

As for me …I will SEE you around the world.

Much Success




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