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When I started my video marketing career in 2010, I was quick to find out for me to be effective in this skill set I needed low cost effective equipment for my computer as well as the equipment I use when I am in the field. I have found a simple guide technique offered through Ebay that will assist you in simplifying the buying process for you and save you some money.

Article Excerpts offered by Ebay

Buying video production and editing equipment on eBay can be a dizzying task. eBay has thousands of products available in the video production and editing equipment arena, from new to used, and from inexpensive to extremely expensive. The steps are relatively simple, determine a starting budget, determine what video production equipment is needed, determine what editing equipment is needed, then find everything on eBay. Although it sounds simple, each step has numerous choices and decisions to be made.

Determining a Budget

No matter where video production and editing equipment is purchased, the first step should be to determine a maximum budget. For an amateur, this may not be hard; simply determining how much extra money one has left over after bills puts a limit on the expense budget. Once the limit is determined, the buyer then must decide what equipment to purchase, and if that equipment should be new or used. For those on small budgets, used equipment may be the only choice. However, some purchases, like software, should always be bought as new, unopened items to increase the likelihood of being able to receive technical support from the manufacturer.

Determining Priority

Once the upper limit of the budget has been decided, it’s time for the buyer to prioritize purchases. This is an essential step for amateurs and those with low budgets. Depending on the projects initially worked on, some equipment is essential while other items can be purchased later when more funds become available.

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