Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas 12-24-2013 11-41-27 PM


The year of 2013 closing has brought destined moments in my life. As the year was drawing to an end I embraced the opportunity to seek new direction in my life. Little did I know that I was about to enter a yet another growing moment in my life. As I pray each  day for God’s guidance and   blessings, I am assured that they will  come as I know that I serve a sovereign God. I have the faith to believe in Him and His purposeful intent in my life.

That is the key …His Intent

I like many will “desire” things of the heart , but we must be mindful that God answers prayers in His own time and in His own manner. So as I prayed for new things, new things came but not in the manner I desired. The challenges of my immediate quest were denied. I suffered, but not more than I could bear.  I sought understanding, but the understanding was higher than my own thoughts. I didn’t accept defeat because my faith endured. I did not crumble in the midst of my battles…I stood. I prayed NOT for a Victory, but FROM the Victory I KNEW would unfold itself. A battle that was already fought and won for me.

Every moment of challenge I endure makes me stronger.

I endure and I receive my blessings.

My blessings are not precisely from  the prayers I prayed  . My blessings are from  the Favor and Grace that God shows in my life for believing in Him and lifting His name to the highest for I know that there is nothing that can  happen in my life that I can’t get through with God on my side.

So I encourage you to STAND in the midst of the storms in your life. Be Encouraged. Have Faith.

Be consistent in your servitude. Know that if you are not coming out of a storm, or You are not in a storm, There is a storm brewing with your name on it. Things will not always be rosy. You will have your trials. It is Not what you go through but How you go through those  moments. 

The close of this year and the birth of the next year is just an ongoing  timeline in your life. Bookmark each moment with the authority that will ensure your victories.

I have…..

I am Blessed to Be a Blessing to Others. I pray that my life will serve a purpose to someone. I offer all that I have been gifted and blessed with unselfishly for I know that I am not the author and creator of my greatness. 

For me each day is a new day of fresh beginnings, new grace,and new mercy. Another day to serve Him.

Blessings in this Holiday Season and The New Year 

Merry Christmas