Keylogger Attacks


The world as we know it is a very BIG place and the Keylogger Attacks are increasing daily. With the aide of the Internet, we have been able to do things that were not remotely possible a few years ago. We see places that we have never traveled. We talk to others in a moments notice when it would have taken us hours of driving time to knock on their door. We shop from the comfort of our homes. We meet in business with the slightest of ease despite heavy agendas. We play and we share our lives and information with others. We have conducted ourselves casually with no concern of being compromised as result of doing the things we enjoy.

Then from the depths of unawareness there came VIRUSES…….

Harmful attacks against the machines that we used with joy and delight. Attacks against the non tangibles, our operating systems. A plight to interrupt the convienence we embraced. We were challenged but not defeated. Developers introduced proactive software that would ALERT us of possible threats.

But Virus Detection is NOT Protection

But the ATTACKS have become hardened…. OUR FINANCES, IDENTITY,and any other means of DESTROYING our lives has and will continue to be compromised unless you Take Action .

This is now WAR…….

I have fought many years to secure my online communications against being sabotaged. It is ongoing as each year we are faced with a growing number of MILLIONS of new viruses on the internet.

Internet Theft has become a greater crime than international drug trafficking.

The Greatest Kingpin of them all is The Keylogger Virus. A “polymorphic virus”, which means that it has the ability to be undetected as it constantly changes its signature. It collects your data by monitoring every keystroke you make on your computer.

Your ONLY defense is to hide your data through encryption.

Virus Detection is NOT Protection

I have found a solution that is working for me.

The CFA Defender

How does it work?

CFA Keylogging Defense System

Our Keylogging Defense System eliminates online identity theft by encrypting every keystroke at the keyboard level and then reroutes those encrypted keystrokes directly to your browser. Our Keylogging Defense System bypasses the multiple communication areas that are normally vulnerable to keylogging attacks that could compromise your vital information.

The Defender defense system will automatically turn on every time you open up a browser. Our CryptoColor technology lets the user know that your system is protected by turning each field you type in, green. This provides strong visual feedback to the user that they are operating in a secure environment and their keystrokes are secure.

I now feel safe for myself in my endeavors and the safety of those that I communicate with on line. I invested for BOTH of our well beings.