Indiana Small Business Expo 2014

Indiana Small Business Expo 2014

Hosted by Cathy Padgett 

Founder/Business Leader/Coach/Entrepreneur

Cathy Padgett has earned the right to be acclaimed as one of Indiana’s Top 50 Business Connectors. Cathy  is the Founder of the Indiana Small Business Expo which is an extension of the Indiana Small Business Connection. Cathy is also a Christian Business Leader Founder of the Christian Women’s Business Connection.

Cathy also participates in other ranking groups serving the business marketing community.

It has been my esteemed pleasure to support and work with Cathy on the last (3) Indiana Small Business Expos that she has hosted.  It is quite evident that she has an extremely high passion for embracing the success of others in business. Cathy not only impacts lives but she changes lives.

The events that she host are power packed with great vendors representing various industry niches. They are hosted at great locations with great hospitality. The events also highlight special training provided by leaders on an expert panel discussion.

This all makes for a Great Event, Great People, doing Great Things.

Indianapolis and its surrounding business communities are enriched as a result of Cathy Padgett’s efforts.

The Indiana Small Business Expo is and will be one of the greatest business trade shows hosted in this state.

******Photos from the Indiana Small Business Expo Events are showcased on the main website*****


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