Winter Storm Arrives

Written by Darrell McCutchen

Photos by Darrell McCutchen

On this Friday morning, I arise to see that the winter storm arrives in my town in Indiana. It is 7a.m. my kids are snuggled in as school closings have been announced for several counties, including my own. As I am preparing for my day the local news channel is covering highlights of the mornings events.

Hazardous road conditions, downed power lines in some counties, traffic accidents to name just a few. Snowfall averages 4″ and more to come as the day continues. Temperature reporting from a range of 44 degrees  on the west coast, -29 degrees in the west, 24degrees in the mid-west, and 44 degrees on the east coast.

It is very apparent that winter is here.

So now that the winter storm arrives, let’s go out and see what preparations I need to make to get going.

WOW….My Car

Winter Storm Arrives IMG_20131206_071820_194              
Winter Storm Arrives IMG_20131206_071820_194

I think I might consider a garage in the sometime near future…..That would be nice!

The Yard…..


Winter Storm Arrives IMG_20131206_071820_194


My town took a minor sting when the winter storm arrives. Other states such as Texas in the Southern Plains suffered more extreme weather conditions considering the normal conditions they are prepared for.

So for everyone, again, Be Safe in your travels…..Stay Warm…..God Bless.

Even though there is more to come …..This too will pass