When we dance

When We Dance

Dancing has been in our lives over the years. It represents culture, styles, techniques, and expressions. It is beautiful. It is on the hardwood floors of dance halls, clubs, theater, stages, “With the Stars”, on ice, and even aerial. It ranges in performances from individuals, couples, or groups. It is truly expression in its highest form. It can be radical. It can be rhythmic. It can be unorthodox. It can be sexy. It can be ceremonial. It can be out of control. It can be elegant. It can be cool. It can be just plain silly. Sometimes you don’t need to know how to dance. You just do it and call it your own!  

I share with you today some of my featured dances with song. 


The Late Great Fred Astaire 


Michael Jackson


The Elegant Chicago Style Stepping Dance


R. Kelly Chicago Style Stepping

I am “old school”. I like the dance styles that are for grown folks. The kind of dances that showed honor, dignity, and respect for your dance partner. You danced together and it was just simply beautiful. Onlookers would watch in admiration of the synchronicity, poise, and graceful flow.

That’s when dancing was dancing!

The Aerial Dance Moves of Chris Brown


Lastly…. “The Old By Yourself Living Room Dance”

Whatever your style of dance is Express it and Enjoy It. It’s your time to shine! Dancing is good for the soul.

It doesn’t matter whether you are in a dance hall, a stage, or in your living room.

Happy Dancing….