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Video Converter and Burning Software

In my years of video marketing and productions, I have definitely had a need to acquire the best video converter and burning software that is compatible with my operating system as well as user friendly. The process of video productions and video editing can present some challenges. The biggest challenge I experienced in my earlier days was the frustration and inconvenience of having to use multiple products to get to end result in my task.

They are definitely some good products offered by some good companies to choose from. I personally like this product company because of its efficiency in the suite of tools that it offers.

VSO Software is located in the southwest of France, in the town of Toulouse. While it started out in 2002 specializing in burning applications, the company has now established itself as a multimedia software editor recognized worldwide. VSO Software is dedicated to producing high quality software with easy to use programs for users of all levels. Primarily VSO Software provides software solutions directly to end users, but also provides solutions for companies, such as their famous burning SDK.

If you are looking for a great video converter and burning software for your production needs try the VSO line of products. You may choose the complete Gold Membership or individuals tools of choice to fit your immediate needs.

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The software accepts all video types on the market and converts them to the most
popular formats, so they can be played on any device. Indeed the software converts to a
large selection of outputs: DVD (PAL and NTSC standards, with DVD menu), Avi,
MKV, tablets (Ipad, Samsung Tab, etc), smartphones (Iphones, etc), PS3, Xbox and
Playstation with various codecs available (H264, DivX, Mpeg2, Mpeg 4, AAC, AC3,
DTS…), audio profiles and WebM. Virtually any videos are accepted as input, including
decrypted Blu-ray and DVDs, with support of the right angle and automatic main movie