Home Decorating for the New Year

Home Decorating 1-1-2014 4-59-37 PM


It is now 2014! Home decorating is at the top of the list. The New Year brings about changes within ourselves as well as our surroundings. There is something therapeutic about fresh new environments to comfort us in our day to day living. It is common to hear from our spouses “It is time for a change.” So the task begins to determine where that change starts. It could be a change in your relationship. If the relationship is good, then its definitely time for other changes in our lives. Maybe a new car, a new wardrobe, new hair, or just a new attitude. One of the biggest changes is the home. That change requires great planning and strategy. It could be as simple as one certain room or it could expand to multiple rooms. ┬áSo as you embrace your changes ..Be Kind and Not too stressful. I want to offer some “eyeball” suggestions and who knows , you might see something to shop for to support your decisions.

Home Decorating 1-1-2014 5-01-26 PM

Have Fun!!!

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