BRAG About It Morning Show

BRAG About It Morning Show

I often have conversations with individuals about network marketing. Some individuals have such an opinion about it that they avoid it like it is some type of plague or an unwanted illness that has stricken a select few.  Others like myself understand the true outcome of embracing the virtues of the “act” or “rewards” of network marketing.

I have been engaged in network marketing since the 1990’s. I have learned some great things about products, people, and services. I have also experienced the delight that I have found in connecting with the people that are behind these offerings.

You will discover Great People, Doing Great Things……

That is the case in point in this article.

I have the distinct pleasure of being introduced to an exceptional female business leader in the Indiana area who is making a powerful statement in our communities as a result of her passion for recognizing, caring, and supporting the lives and various causes that are dear to her heart.

Debra Taylor

BRAG About It Morning Show

Radio Talk Show Host @ BRAG About It Morning Show

Owner & Publisher @ Indy Wedding Ideas

Event Planner @ Summer Smash 2014

FAB( Females Active in Business)

During our initial phone meet and greet, I could hear the overwhelming passion in the voice of Debra Taylor as we spoke of various projects of her past involvement, as well as, the excitement of events and projects that were in active preparation mode. I applaud her past success. I can see that the future is very bright for her in all her future endeavors. 

Debra Taylor not only embraces her success but also the success of others. Our conversation led to the discussion of a working collaboration. I was also extended an opportunity to visit the radio station for a formal interview.

*The interview can be heard live @ Monday, March 17, 2014 8:00am- 10:00am Eastern*

BRAG About It Morning Show is rich in resources due in part to the leadership and contributions of Debra Taylor. I was only blessed to be exposed to this great offering because someone dear to me shared the connection.

That’s networking for the good of all connected!

Much Success

****In case you missed the interview…Here it is****

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