Fitness Training 

Fitness TrainingThe New Year 2014 started with many people challenging themselves with rigid workout routines in hopes of sculpturing their bodies . In the process of reaching those goals, many have been challenged with “time inconveniences”. Sometimes ours days just pile up from personal and business tasks. It is without a doubt a task to maintain the scheduling commitment to get your workout time. I encourage you to keep striving. Don’t Quit! I have started a regime myself. I have my days when it would be very easy to postpone my workouts until the next opportune moment, but I don’t. It seems when you break your workout cycle you feel like you are starting over again. Your body will definitely let you know it recognizes the interruption in your pattern . And for some people once They STOP, They STOP. In the end, it will be worth every sacrifice. You will look in that mirror and say WOW, I DID IT!  



“I broke traditional fitness down to its elements, distilled the essence of both bodybuilding and calisthenics (bodyweight training) philosophy, and engineered a brand new workout from the ground up. I evaluated every detail over and over, until every part was just right. As a result, BW44 is beastly and functional with innovative components compiled into 27 incredible workouts. I have also broken down my nutrition to a simple science you can understand. Using my Kaizen Fitness Philosophy, we eliminate unnecessary, fattening foods and poor nutritional choices so all that is left is food that fuels the body.”   


HJTxBB   Motivational Bodybuilding and Fitness videos

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